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9+ KitchenAid mixer accessories you can get on Etsy | Gift Guide

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Decorate, organize, and protect your KitchenAid Mixer with these accessories you can buy on Etsy!

A shiny KitchenAid mixer is both a statement piece AND an absolute workhorse appliance. And while KitchenAid sells a lot of awesome accessories that mount on the front for food prep — meat grinders, slicers, food processors, pasta rollers, etc. — there’s a lot of stuff they don’t sell, too. And for that we have Etsy. On Etsy you can find all sorts of clever, cute, and just plain smart accessories for your KitchenAid mixer. Things to keep the mixer cord out of the way, decals to decorate it, quilted covers to keep it free of dust, and so much more.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking at any of these KitchenAid mixer accessories, btw: I’ve written which mixer sizes the listings cover (where applicable), but some are very specific and require you looking up your mixer’s model number to confirm. So before you order any KitchenAid mixer accessory or attachment, just make sure you check that it will actually fit your mixer.

1. A 3-D printed organizer that fits behind your mixer (4.5 and 5 qt tilt-head mixers)

a purple mixer with a black flat base behind it. the base has four pegs on it to hold the mixing attachments.

Ok how smart is this??? Trying to keep the mixing attachments you aren’t using organized and out of the way while your mixer is in use is one of the most frustrating things about owning a KitchenAid. This organizer attaches to your mixer without any special equipment, and comes with four pegs to hold the whisk, the paddle, and the dough hook and one additional mixing attachment stashed neatly away behind your mixer. It’s made from eco-friendly PLA plastic and according to the listing, you can even pick up the mixer with this attachment and move them together without having to disconnect first.

2. A 3-D printed Wonder Woman accessory hub cap because your mixer is strong af (fits mixers with removable cap)

the front of a white kitchen aid mixer with a wonder woman decal in the front

Great Hera! Infuse your KitchenAid mixer with the power of Diana’s golden lasso with this 1.5″ 3-D printed cap that can be screwed on in place of the one that comes with the machine. The same shop also sells Star Wars and Harry Potter caps for all your nerdy KitchenAid mixer accessory needs.

Note: These only fit on mixers that have a completely removable cap on the front. So if you have a newer bowl-lift Pro-line KitchenAid mixer where the cap is attached with a hinge, sorry, these won’t work for you.

3. An under the cupboard hanging organizer for your mixing attachments (multiple colors)

an aqua colored bar mounted under a cupboard with three kitchenaid mixing attachments hanging from it

To keep your mixing attachments organized when you don’t have room behind the mixer (or if you have a mini or bowl-lift mixer) try these instead. Simply mount this under your cupboard and hang the attachments from the pegs the same way you attach them to the mixer itself. The KitchenAid mixer accessories from this Pittsburgh-based Etsy shop are 3-D printed using “a plant-based plastic material that is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials” in a range of colors, so you can coordinate with your mixer. It comes in a few different styles and sizes and is even backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. A clear plastic and fabric mixer cover to keep dust away (for all mixer sizes)

four pictures of kitchenaid mixers under plastic covers with plaid fabric around the bottoms

These cute dust covers can be custom ordered in a range of fabric options and for all mixer sizes, all with a clear plastic top so you can check on your mixer (and show it off) while still keeping it covered. The shop has 2,000+ 5 star reviews so you know these are good. Check out this shop’s other KitchenAid mixer accessories too — they also sell mixer covers that are entirely clear with just a bit of trim around the seams, and have even more fabric options to choose from!

5. An reversible bowl cover in a cute cupcake pattern to keep your mixing bowl free of dust and debris (fits 4.5, 5, 6, and 7 qt mixers)

a black polka dotted elastic bowl cover with cupcakes on it

Keep your mixer bowl protected and free of dust with this cute cupcake-covered bowl cover (try saying that three times fast!). These bowl covers fit KitchenAid mixer bowls from 4.5-7qt in size and are both reversible and machine washable. You can even use them to cover the bowl while letting bread dough rise or cookie batter rest. They’re a great way to add some fun color to your kitchen while keeping dust and grease out of your mixer bowl. Cupcakes not your thing? It also comes in cherry and sunflower patterns.

6. These vinyl donut decals are just plain cute

a light pink kitchenaid mixer covered in doughnut decals

Who doesn’t love a doughnut? Show off your love of doughnuts with these cute doughnut decals printed with eco-solvent ink on high quality industrial grade vinyl. Buy a half set to cover just one side of your mixer, or a full set to cover both. Applying them is easy — just peel off the back, stick them on, then peel off the adhesive top layer to reveal the doughnuts. The listing doesn’t specify what size of mixer these are printed for — you can place them individually, so they should work on any — but the mixers in the listing are all tilt-head models.

7. Keep your cord out of the way with this 3-D printed KitchenAid mixer cord wrap (20+ colors)

the back of a kitchenaid mixer with the cord wrapped around a plastic piece to clip it out of the way

Keep your mixer cord neatly tucked away with one of these handy stick-on cord wraps. If you don’t always have your mixer out on the counter, trying to find creative ways to keep the cord wrapped up and out of the way can be a real pain. The mixers are heavy, and the last thing you want to do while carrying it across your kitchen is trip on a cord. This set comes in a range of colors (including clear and shiny options) so you can make sure your cord wrapper blends right in to your mixer like it was there all along.

They’re made by the same Pittsburgh-based shop that makes the colorful under the cupboard mounted mixer attachment organizer I shared above, and use a fully biodegradable plant-based plastic material to print these as well.

I ordered one recently and they even sent photo-by-photo updates of my cord organizer as it was printed so I could see the whole process. Super cool!

8. This 3-D printed unicorn horn cap really brings the magic to your baking

a white kitchenaid mixer with a gold spiral unicorn horn protruding from the front

I DUNNO ABOUT THIS ONE Y’ALL but it was too magical and too silly and whimsical to not share it. It’s a unicorn horn for your KitchenAid mixer! A magical machine deserves an accessory that reflects its awesome powers, but good grief — watch your eye around this thing. These are 3-D printed by a Marine Corps veteran using a biodegradable PLA plastic in a range of colors, so you can match the unicorn horn to your mixer.

9. A free standing wooden organizer for your mixing attachments

a wooden post with four pegs sticking out of the front of it. each peg has a mixing attachment on it.

If you don’t want to mount a KitchenAid mixing attachment organizer under a cupboard, this freestanding option will fit nicely into tall cupboard or next to your mixer on the counter. These are custom made in Massachusetts from solid wood, hold up to four mixing attachments, and come in 6 different colors and finishes.

10. A quilted mixer cover with pockets to protect your mixer AND the mixing attachments (3.5-7 qt mixers)

four photos of quilted mixer covers in different colors

These quilted mixer covers don’t have plastic tops, but they do have pockets!! I love a dress with pockets, and guess what? I love a mixer cover with pockets too. Not only does this mixer cover protect your mixer, but the soft and deep pockets also protect your mixing attachments from getting scratched or scuffed. These come in four different colors (dark grey, light grey, pink, and cream) and are roomy enough that you can fit the plastic splash guards underneath them too.

11. These R2-D2 and BB-8 decals are the decoration you are looking for

a white mixer with R2-D2 decals on it


(Translation: Turn your mixer into a beloved Star Wars droid with these waterproof vinyl decals.)

12. These copper KitchenAid mixer bowls for the best whipped egg whites of your life (for bowl-lift mixers and tilt-head mixers)

a kitchenaid bowl-lift mixer with a hammered copper bowl in it

Okay, these are just COOL. Copper is a reactive metal excellent for whipping egg whites to stiff peaks (more on the science here). While your regular mixer bowl can handle the job just fine, a copper bowl will help your egg whites whip up faster and keep them stable longer. So if you’re planning on making A LOT of meringue and want to invest in a bowl for your mixer that can help you do that super efficiently, these beautiful hammered solid copper (not copper-plated) bowls are just what you need.

Both bowl designs only fits specific KitchenAid mixer models (and the shop has multiple listings to cover some other models too) so make sure you check your mixer against the model numbers in the listings before purchasing.

13. Embrace classic design with these vintage glassware inspired floral decals

a green kitchenaid mixer with white floral pyrex-style designs on the side

Like KitchenAid, Pyrex is a classic for a reason. If these flowers look familiar, it’s probably because your grandma had a set of bowls with a similar floral pattern in her kitchen. And now you can bring that same classic, vintage glassware aesthetic to your KitchenAid mixer with these high quality waterproof vinyl decals. Each strip is 7″ long and should fit most mixer sizes. You can even choose from over 20 colors!

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