Olive Oil White Pizza Sauce

Olive Oil White Pizza Sauce

This olive oil pizza sauce is the perfect versatile base for all types of white pizzas! It adds a ton of flavor, helps the crust brown, and works with a lots of different white pizza toppings.

Here are the six ingredients needed to make this olive oil pizza sauce

shallots | garlic | olive oil | salt rosemary | pepper

Make a garlic paste by smearing garlic cloves with under your knife blade, then mincing. Repeat until a paste forms. (You can also do this with a Microplane zester instead.)

Finely mince a small shallot.

Finely mince one sprig of fresh rosemary.

Combine garlic paste, shallot, and rosemary in a small bowl with salt and pepper. Add oil and mix to combine.

Spread a generous layer on your pizza dough with the back of a spoon.

Add your favorite white pizza cheeses and toppings and bake!

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