Homemade Smoked Turkey Legs

Homemade Smoked Turkey Legs

These turkey legs are better than the ones you can get at Disney! This is the perfect beginner recipe if you're new to using a smoker!

Here are the ingredients you will need

Add salt, brown sugar, garlic, onions, herbs, and peppercorns into a pot of boiling water to make the brine.

Pour the hot brine into a large container. Then add cold water to cool it down and refrigerate until chilled.

Submerge 6 turkey legs in the brine. Seal tightly and refrigerate for 4 hrs or overnight.

When you're ready to start smoking them, remove the turkey legs from the brine and pat dry.

When the smoker is at 250F, place the turkey legs directly on the grates. Close tightly and add wood chips.

After 1hr 15 mins, flip the turkey legs on the grates and top up the wood chips again.

After another hour and 15 mins, remove the turkey legs from the smoker.

Create aluminum foil pouches for the turkey legs. Add chicken stock and seal tightly. Double wrap  with additional foil if needed.

Place the pouches in a baking dish and braise for 1 hr in a 350F oven. This makes the turkey legs tender and juicy!

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