Homemade Hot Honey Pizza

Homemade Hot Honey Pizza

This crispy thin crust hot honey pizza is topped with pepperoni, hot peppers, mozzarella, goat cheese crumbles, and finished with a glorious homemade hot honey drizzle.

Hot honey pizza takes just a few minutes to make on a baking steel, and you can prep all the toppings while the oven preheats!

Here are the ingredients you will need!



Fresno pepper

goat cheese


pecorino romano

pizza sauce

arbol chiles


First, make your hot honey. Toast dried arbol chiles, add honey, bring to a low simmer. Remove from heat, let sit 10 mins, then strain and let cool.

Hand stretch pizza dough on a lightly floured pizza peel, then top with a thin layer of pizza sauce.

Add toppings: shredded mozzarella, pepperoni slices, Fresno peppers, goat cheese, and pecorino romano.

Bake on a preheated baking steel for 5-8 minutes, broiling for the final minute. Immediately top with thinly sliced fresh basil.

Drizzle the whole pizza with homemade hot honey before slicing.

Slice and serve!

Swipe up for the full recipe + even more tips!

Swipe up for the full recipe + even more tips!