The Best Deli Tuna Salad

The Best Deli Tuna Salad

The secret ingredient to making the best deli-style tuna salad is TIME.

Letting the tuna salad chill in the fridge before eating gives the flavors time to meld — and gives it that classic "deli" flavor!

Here I'll show you my favorite version, but you can riff on this to use your favorite ingredients!

Chop up celery, onion, and carrots.

Hard boil an egg and slice it in two directions with an egg slicer. Add to the celery, onion, and carrots.

Add two cans of tuna and mix to break up any big chunks.

Add mayo and whole grain mustard. Mix well.

Season with salt, pepper, oregano, and paprika.

Transfer the tuna salad to an airtight container and let chill in the fridge for several hours (overnight is best).

This is what will turn your tuna salad into deli style tuna salad!

The next day, the flavors will have melded together giving you that classic "deli" style tuna salad!


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